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Message  jglanteigne Ven 25 Fév 2011 - 21:48

Le projet du site Tavern Trove de mettre sur pied une immense banque de données gratuites sur toutes les brasseries du monde!!

Le dernier courriel de Tavern Trove

Well, there has been a lot of interest in The Breweriana Project. There is also some new news. And I believe this all warrants another 'newsletter' email.

Thank you for all your interest. for those of you who want to contribute we have a new easy-peasy file uploading tool at Click on the "File Uploading Tool" link and from there you can securely upload dozens (or even hundreds) of photos, documents or scans at a time.

We're trying to create a serious brewery history site here so if you have documents, photos or ads you would like to scan and send in, please (if possible) provide some sort of citation so we can attribute them properly. You may include the citations in a word document or an excel spreadsheet. Upload this document with your photos so they all go to the same place. Original sources are preferred, but sources from modern books and articles will do until they can be replaced with proper attributions.

If you have a specific question for the Breweriana Project, let me know at this email:

Thank you for all your help!


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